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Anthurium anderianum \'Red

Anthurium anderianum 'Red[PL01]

If you can provide high humidity Anthuriums will reward you with a fantastic display of incredibly bright almost fake looking flowers. The flowering can go on all year in a variety of reds, pinks and white. Heart shaped waxy leaves are a feature in their own right providing the perfect foil for this wonderful flower.

Site: A Bright spot with a bit of direct sun over the winter months.

Temp: Average but keep away from cold draughts.

Water: Well watered in the growing season, the compost can be kept moist. For best results keep in a pebble tray and mist as often as possible.

Feeding: A liquid feed every two weeks over the growing season.

Tip: The cut flowers will last for weeks

Pots: may vary subject to availability.


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