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  • Scindapsus Plant.
    Scindapsus Plant.
     Another excellent office plant especially as a desk or cupboard top trailing plant.  The Scindapsus lasts much longer when planted on its own in a pot.
    Known as a "Peace lily," this spathiphyllum plant with its dark green shiny leaves produces lovely white flowers all year. For use indoors.   One spathiphyllum plant arrives in a decorative pot. Approximately 21" W x 33" H   *Pots may vary subject to availability.    
  • Anthurium anderianum 'Red
    Anthurium anderianum 'Red
    If you can provide high humidity Anthuriums will reward you with a fantastic display of incredibly bright almost fake looking flowers. The flowering can go on all year in a variety of reds, pinks and white. Heart shaped waxy leaves are a feature in their own right providing the perfect foil for this wonderful flower. Site: A Bright spot with a bit of direct sun over the winter months. ...
  • Cactus Garden
    Cactus Garden
    This wonderful cactus garden is one of the hottest gifts you can send. Guaranteed to make any occasion sizzle. A selection of specimen cacti is set in a clay or glass bowl with rocks, gravel and bark chips subject to availability  
  • Dieffenbachia
    This versatile indoor plant is perfect for a coffee table or desk. Full and vibrant with attractive speckled leaves, it's sure to delight anyone. One dieffenbachia plant arrives in a terra-cotta pot with matching saucer.  
  • Pink Phalenopsis Orchid plant.
    Pink Phalenopsis Orchid plant.
     This divine single stem pink orchid is sleek and graceful. It's the perfect choice if you're looking for a sophisticated, contemporary gift, with just a little love and attention this exotic looking plant can take pride of place for longer. The Pink Phalenopsis Orchid is presented in a ceramic pot. Please Note: Pot may vary subject to availability. Delivery Availabl...
  • Garden in Glass
    Garden in Glass
    Give the beauty of the outdoors with this charming miniature garden, perfect for any setting. A selection of live green plants is thoughtfully arranged with rocks and sand in a simple glass cylinder, providing a focus for quiet contemplation. Ivy, arrowhead and a snake plant are combined with rocks and green sand in a glass cylinder vase.
    Give him this luxuriant dish garden, and you'll bring him pleasure. Low maintenance, high enjoyment. Perfect! Contains an assortment of green plants in a tasteful dish planter. Require 1 day advanced ordering, Pot may vary subject to availability. Delivery available only for Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman Only.
  • Exotic White Orchid Plant
    Exotic White Orchid Plant
    Orchid Philonopsis Plants in a pot.   *Pots may vary subject to availability.  
  • Exotic Pink Orchid Plant
    Exotic Pink Orchid Plant
    2 stemmed pink orchid plant. It's oriental character is perfect for mother or any occasion.   *Pots may vary subject to availability.  
  • Garden in Fish bowl
    Garden in Fish bowl
     Nature’s beauty is a world of art unto itself; and green plants, brought indoors, allow us to live with that art on a daily basis. A clear glass bubble bowl with a selection of ornamental plants creates an oasis of tranquility in any corner of the room, and makes an excellent office gift. A selection of three green plants such as seasonal plants are arranged in a  glass bubble ...
  • Zamioculcas zamiifolia
    Zamioculcas zamiifolia
    Zamioculcas is beginning to find itself brought into offices by interior landscapers, probably due to its affinity with modern design. Each of the branches coming from the compost is actually a leaf and the ' leaves' are leaflets coming of them. An easy and very impressive plant for almost any room. Site: Light Shade (Will take sun as well) Temp: Average warmth. Not below 65°...
  • Arboricola
     Also known as an umbrella plant because of its graceful, arching leaves, the easy-to-care for schefflera arboricola plant will fill their home with lush green color and warmth.  Approximately 24" W x 29" H     Require 1 day advanced ordering,pot and plant may vary subject to availability. Delivery available only for Dubai, Sharjah and Ajma...
  • Spathiphyllum wallisii
    Spathiphyllum wallisii
    If there was to be a top ten most loved houseplants then I would bet on the Peace Lilly being if not top very close. Large dark green leaves and its simple white spathe flower give it a look all to itself. 'Sensation' is a monster Peace Lilly with very large luxurious leaves and big flowers produced throughout most of the year. 'Chopin' is a dwarf cultivar which is an ideal wind...
  • Towering Ficus
    Towering Ficus
    Bring the outdoors in with this lush potted ficus plant. Presented in a classic terra-cotta pot, the tall houseplant is a beautiful addition to any room and not only looks lovely, but also cleans the air with fresh new oxygen. A potted ficus plant with slender, winding stems and a thick bush of leaves on top is potted in a pot. •         ...
  • Areca palm
    Areca palm
    Looking like a large bushy parlour palm the Areca palm is a great choice if you need a dense tall specimen. Needing a little more care than the parlour or kentia palm but the result is a magnificent plant. Great if you have a bright spot that does not get too dry, avoid radiators. Site: Bright indirect light to bright shade. Temp: Average warmth. Best if it does not get too cold over th...
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